Kim Jong-ryul to Join Committee on Bylaw Amendments
Kim Jong-ryul to Join Committee on Bylaw Amendments
  • Lee Byung-ho
  • 승인 2016.02.29 13:38
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Kim Jong-ryul (12, History), former President of the Undergraduate Department of Humanities and International Cultures Student Council , has been nominated by his Department’s Undergraduate Student Council to join Woo:ri’s new Committee on Bylaw Amendments. Kim was also former Chief of Staff to the “Power of Sogang” candidacy, which was a NL-related student activism candidacy that was revoked after repeated violations of election regulations during the past year’s General Student Council Elections.



Woo:ri recieved the Humanities Student Council’s nomination on late January and made Kim an active member of the Committee since. The Committee on Bylaw Amendments recieves one nominated member from each Undergraduate Department Student Council, the Sogang Club Association, and the Sogang Media Association.


In an interview with The Sogang Herald, Kim has replied that his participance was “not derived from his experience as Chief of Staff to the former candidacy”, but originated as “an ordinary student of Sogang.”


Committee Chairman Han Gyu-pil (14, Communications) have replied to the Herald that he understands that “concerns may exist from an outsider’s point of view.” Han went on to defend Kim by saying that “Kim, however, has been executing his role within the committee faithfully without any malice.” Han was a former member of ICON, another candidacy for the 46th General Student Council Elections.


The President and Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Council and the President of the Undergraduate Humanities and International Cultures Student Council refused to comment.


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