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Ready to Listen
  • By Choi Hyun-jung
  • 승인 2008.12.01 23:15
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The Sogang Herald held the 26th Readers?Evaluation Committee on October 8th. The panel, Lee Song-heun (07, Dept. of Mass Communication) and Lee U-zo (08, Sogang Business School), gave practical proposals for improving The Sogang Herald. Specifically, they commented about Cover Story, Photo Journal and Culture Column of the 212th edition.

Lee Song-heun (Lee S.): If Cover Story contained personal stories about President Sohn Byung-doo, the students would get to know him better and feel more interesting to read. Also, it would be more constructive if there were some practical ways to revitalize communication. The article points out the problem about the lack of communication between President Sohn and students, but does not give solutions.  
Lee U-zo (Lee U.): The topic of Cover Story is good because many students have lots of interests in knowing more about Sogang University president. However, I am concerned that Cover Story is too long to read for many students. Therefore, it would be better if there were more headings between paragraphs. Readers can easily figure out the whole text. 

Lee S.: Photo Journal stated that our school does not have the pianos available for practice such as they do at Korea University. However, I heard there are three pianos for students in our school. So, I think it would be better if the article mentioned that.
Lee U.: The photos on the left side of Photo Journal are effective enough to inform readers about the topic just by looking at them. However, I cannot understand what the problems are watchingphotos on the right side. The photo of Gonzaga Plaza is especially confusing, for newly-built Gonzaga Plaza has many rest areas for students.
Lee S.: The article argues that our school has to build more lounges for students. However, if some students are loud and unruly, more lounges would not guarantee that students have a quiet place to rest. Therefore, Photo Journal should have mentioned that students have to be considerate of others when they use the lounges.

Lee S.: I think Culture Column is too subjective. It should have also included disadvantages related to the topic; such as broadcasting stations?tendency to make dramas by reusing only well-known stories in order to ensure higher audience ratings.
Lee U.: I agree with her opinion. I also feel that the article places too much emphasis on the bright side of cartoon-based dramas. Culture Column should have stated both the pros and cons related to the topic. Yet, it had a suitable amount of photos. I could recognize the topics easily by seeing all the photos which compared the original cartoon scenes with scenes from the TV dramas and movies.

By Choi Hyun-jung (Cub-reporter of The S.H.)

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