Feeling a Warm Heart in a Cold Winter
Feeling a Warm Heart in a Cold Winter
  • By Choi Hee-jae
  • 승인 2008.10.22 10:56
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- Hautes Etudes Commerciales Montreal in Canada
   Going abroad to study always makes students excited with anticipation of study and life in a very different environment. In this respect, studying in Canada, especially Montreal in the state of Quebec, can give a chance to experience French and North American culture simultaneously.
   Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) Montreal was the first business college in Canada and was established in 1907. HEC Montreal has already taken out the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB international). HEC Montreal has a great reputation and is ranked in the top ten Master of Business Administration (MBA) schools outside the United States.
   Seo Ji-hyun (06, Sogang Business School) had lots of memorable experiences during spring semester 2008. The Sogang Herald interviewed her, heard various memories, and discovered the hidden values of studying in Canada.
Montreal, the main city of the state of Quebec, is a city using two languages: English and French. When Seo was selected to attend HEC Montreal on an exchange scholarship, she was worried about the fact that French is the main language of Quebec. According to her, however, all classes in HEC Montreal are conducted in English, and a lot of exchange students in HEC Montreal prefer to speak in English. So she did not have a hard time getting used to the school, friends, and Montreal city.
   There are a lot of school activities for exchange students. There is a club called "HEChange" for welcoming and supporting exchange students. They held an orientation for exchange students and other various kinds of interesting events to help exchange students feel more comfortable and get to know other exchange students. Quebec is famous for food made with maple syrup and there are also many events, known as the "Sugar Shake," which are related to maple syrup. Through these activities she could experience many cultural aspects of Montreal, and French culture in Canada.
   "I took various classes related to my major such as Strategic Management, Marketing Research, and International Economic Environment. Even though the context and the lecture of those classes were not that different from what I learned at Sogang University, the ways of teaching and learning were very different. Professors' passion for teaching was also impressive to me," said Seo. In class, students studied business administration by using some cases from actual companies. By utilizing the real cases, students could get a lot of practical knowledge and also have a lot of opportunities to apply theoretical ideas.
   As you know, Canada is famous for its chilly cold in winter. Many Sogang University students might think that it would be a disadvantage. However, looking at it another way, it also means that you can enjoy various kinds of winter leisure activities, and also have more time with roommates and friends so it could be more memorable than studying in other regions. "The people in Montreal are also really warm-hearted people so I could feel coldness and warmth at the same time," said Seo.
   If you want to have a special experience like meeting two cultures at the same time, HEC Montreal will be a great choice of your exchange student life. For more information about life and programs at HEC Montreal, please visit its site at

By Choi Hee-jae choihee327@sogang.ac.kr (Editor of The S.H.)

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