19-20 Winter Vacation AB
19-20 Winter Vacation AB
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19-20 Winter vacation AB(Albatross Brief) is made for Sogangers who are curious about affairs which occurred during the winter vacation. The Sogang Herald chose three topics as important events of the vacation: Corona Virus that Had a Great Impact on Sogang, The Controversy about Club Association’s Decision to Disqualify Several Central Clubs, and The Withdrawal of Media Association from the Undergraduate Student Council. These three topics have been presented with the upcoming semester, but additional information can be documented in the 258th edition.


Corona Virus that Had a Great Impact on Sogang

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, Sogang changed its academic schedule. Major school events such as the graduation and entrance ceremonies and the freshmen orientation were canceled. The freshmen’s and entire students’ class registration day were also postponed to March 4 and March 6 respectively. The new semester will commence on March 16, having been delayed by two weeks. The whole class week will be reduced to 14 weeks without any change in mid-term and final exam periods. Students were informed that missing classes will be replaced by enforcement or additional assignments. The changes following the Corona19 outbreak will be in effect even after school starts. Classroom reservations will be limited for a month, considering the incubation period of the COVID-19. As a result, all student club member recruitments have been postponed.

Online lectures have been adopted for the first time in Sogang history due to the aftershock of the COVID-19. Students should be on the lookout for further changes, as the Minister of Education has specified that all university curriculum will be replaced by online lectures until the resolution of the Corona epidemic.


The Controversy about Club Association’s Decision to Disqualify Several Central Clubs

On January 16, 2020, Club Association announced the results of the activity evaluation and said that some clubs cannot be recognized as central clubs because they do not meet the qualifications for re-registration due to the insufficient number of club members. Members of the clubs in question were asked to clear out their club rooms by January 26. According to the Club Association, this decision was the result of a series of discussions with the Student Support Team and the Scholarship Committee.

Some students raised the issue of procedural problems because the expulsion was carried out without reference to the rules. Club Association had clarified on the same day that the clubs lacking the adequate number of members aren’t subject to be expelled for they are ‘Not Approved’ as legitimate clubs. That’s why the Club Association did not proceed the vote in the Whole Clubs’ Delegate Assembly.

However, there is no such thing as ‘Not Approved’ in the rules of the Association. According to Article 68 [Requirements for Expulsion], clubs should be referred to the namesake agenda at Whole Clubs’ Delegate Assembly if they do not apply for re-registration before the day of the activity evaluation or do not meet the re-registration requirements under Article 61. In other words, “Not Approved” which the Association said is an example of the expulsion agenda.

In the wake of the controversy, Club Association decided to allow 12 clubs subject to expulsion to re-submit their lists for re-registration. Considering the fairness with the existing clubs who submitted their lists on time, they received "joint signature to add the re-submission process" from Jan. 21-28. As a result, 10 clubs met the requirement for joint signature. The expulsion agenda for the clubs was held at Whole Clubs’ Delegate Assembly on January 30. Only the clubs whose expulsion proposals were rejected could re-submit their lists. Voting for expulsion and demotion of all 10 clubs has been rejected. Therefore, the clubs could re-submit their lists. According to the Club Association's announcement on Friday, February 14, the six clubs Enactus, Sogang Mountain Band, WALCS, ADS, YPOS and TEDxSogangU have been re-registered. However, Kinsechs, POE, T.A.P. and IVF failed to pass further review procedures.


The Withdrawal of Media Association from the Undergraduate Student Council

After about a year of discussion, the withdrawal of the Media Association from the Undergraduate Student Council was finally approved at the Assembly of the Whole Student Representative. The Media Association said that it is hard to monitor and criticize the Undergraduate Student Council and play its essential role when it is included in the Undergraduate Student Council. Therefore, the Media Association has demanded its withdrawal from the Undergraduate Student Council and remain as an independent organization. However, concerns were raised about the transparency of budgets for the Media Association as well. In response, the Media Association announced that the four media will voluntarily publish the budget proposal on each media homepages to solve those concerns.


The Sogang Herald aspires to be a pioneering media platform of Sogang University in the semester to come. The Sogang Herald is also working tirelessly on the urgent reports of the COVID-19 which is the most compelling issue for Sogangers this very moment.

More can be found in the 2020 freshmen edition and spring 258th edition of The Sogang Herald.


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