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[Albatross Brief] Finding Nano: Emerging into Real Life
The story of robots with living cells and touches similar to those of humans has been popular over the movies and novels. Many SF movies tel...
김유정  2017-05-17
[Albatross Brief] Pep rally encouragement goes insulting
On March 17, a Facebook status on the Bamboo Grove about the College of Engineering’s pep rally invoked a heated debate among Sogangers. An ...
Seong Sae-young, Lee Da-young  2016-03-27
[Albatross Brief] Kim Jong-ryul to Join Committee on Bylaw Amendments
Kim Jong-ryul (12, History), former President of the Undergraduate Department of Humanities and International Cultures Student Council , has...
Lee Byung-ho  2016-02-29
[Albatross Brief] The 29th Library Week
The 29th Library Week is held from Nov. 7 to 11, with the realistic slogan “I’ll go to the library at least for only 1 week,” ironically enc...
Jun Sun-kyoung  2012-05-07
[Albatross Brief] Meeting with life-mentors, do something, not only studying!
There was a forum held by Student Council Shout on Nov. 9 and 10 at J118. The forumgave students a chance to think about real university lif...
Jun Sun-kyoung  2012-05-07
[Albatross Brief] New copy center in J Hall
J Hall’s supplementation is not yet over. A copy center is newly adjusted in J Hall. The copy center is located in thesecond floor next to t...
Jun Sun-kyoung  2012-05-07
[Albatross Brief] The result of the 42th student body election
Sogang University held a reelection between two candidated, Warak and Synergy. Eventually, on Dec. 3, the result came out. Ko Myung-woo (05,...
Jun Sun-kyoung  2012-05-07
[Albatross Brief] How was SOFEX 2011 held in Japan?
The second Sogang-Sofia Festival of Exchange (SOFEX) was held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 at Sofia University, Tokyo, Japan. The basketball game ...
Jun Sun-kyoung  2012-05-07
[Albatross Brief] The best clubs in 2011
Student Affairs announced the best clubs of last year. One club was chosen from each category, and these seven selected clubs received a sma...
Jun Sun-kyoung  2012-05-07
[Albatross Brief] Engineers’ Train Game finally causes an accident
There was an accident at the off-campus orientation night. The College of Engineering’s traditional activity, known as “trainplay,” finally ...
Jun Sun-kyoung  2012-05-07

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