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[Editor's Quill] Filling My Own Tabula Rasa
Filling My Own Tabula RasaDuring the past winter vacation, I achieved a bucket list goal by volunteering in Cambodia. Cambodia is a war-rava...
Kim Min-soo  2016-04-01
[Editor's Quill] Making Time to Read
Nowadays reading time seems to be in short supply formost of us. Many college students often say “I like readingbooks but I just have ‘no ti...
Cho Jeong-eun  2012-05-07
[Editor's Quill] Find the Lost Dream
My name is called, and I enter the stage as a bright spotlight shines upon me. I hear applause from the audience. I sit in front of the gran...
Kim Byung-soo  2012-05-07
[Editor's Quill] Active Dialogue Wins Mutual Communication
Lack of communication between the students and school authorities is an ever-present problem of Sogang University. The school? passive, and ...
By Oh Eu-gene  2008-12-01
[Editor's Quill] Course Registration Needs to Be Guaranteed
Efficient and secure course registration is a student right which should be guaranteed by the school authorities. However, the unstable Soga...
By Oh Eu-gene  2008-10-22
[Editor's Quill] May I Come in?
"This place is off-limits to undergraduate students during lunchtime." Last April, this absurd sentence could be seen at the front of C Hall...
By So Hyung-jun, Editor-in-chi  2008-10-22

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