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[Culture Columm] Similarization of Variety Programs: Mixed Blessing
Similarization of Variety Programs: Mixed Blessing The recent trend in the variety programs of South Korea show similar formats that they ca...
Jung Hye-joo  2019-07-26
[Culture Columm] Burning: Mystery of Youth
Culture Column09, 07, 2018Kang Hee-won Culture Reporter Burning: Mystery of Youth©Pine House Film “This film is about youths. The prese...
Kang Hee-won  2018-07-16
[Culture Columm] To Make an Idol not an I-doll
The two times successful television program Produce 101 had revealed what lies beneath the glittering and fetching façade of a K-pop ...
Moon Gyu-ri  2018-01-17
[Culture Columm] Dating Abuse Wrapped Up in Romance
A woman states her flat refusal to her ex-boyfriend on getting back together and leaves the restaurant. Shortly after, the man — unabl...
문규리  2017-10-12
[Culture Columm] Rockin’ Out Rock Festival:
The Origin of Rock FestivalToday’s rock festival originated from America in the 1960s. The American society in 1969 was highly unstable due ...
유희진  2016-12-20
[Culture Columm] Connoisseur or Addict
Many would have had the experience of sitting in bed one day, surfing through episode after episode of a favorite show. Well that, is binge ...
계은수  2016-10-10
[Culture Columm] About that Nonexistent Woman – and Man
Lately the Korean society is abuzz with increasing news of sex crimes, from sexual harassment such as the Korea University Kakaotalk chatroo...
이다영  2016-09-25
[Culture Columm] Standing On Its Own Feet
Andy Warhol once said, “It's the movies that have really been running things in America ever since they were invented. They show you wha...
송서이  2015-07-24
[Culture Columm] From the Cartoon to the Cartoon-based Drama
Damo, Gung, Full House, Bicheonmu, War Of Money, Iljimae, Sikgaek, and World Of the Wind…… What do these TV dramas have in common? They all ...
By Ahn Jeong-bin  2008-10-22
[Culture Columm] Still the Flower of University Culture: Dong-ari
Dong-aris, university students's clubs, are frequently described as the "flowers of university culture." However, the role and meaning of do...
By Oh Eu-gene  2008-10-22

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