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[Readers’ Opinion] 서강의 미래, 어디로?
9월 19일 월요일, 모든 수업이 끝난 늦은 시간에 서강대학교 청년광장은 수많은 학생들로 붐볐다. 남양주 사태에 대처하기 위해 총학생회 우:리가 소집한 임시 전체학생총회에 참여하러 온 학생들이었다. 개강 초 바쁜 생활을 잠시 제쳐 두고 온 학우들이 청...
이다영, 박태환  2016-09-20
[Reader's Opinion] Employment and Korean Education:
The Emphasis on education and its validity has been attested throughout the past few decades and has become more than universal in the conte...
Seo Seok-ho, Kim Chung-hyun  2015-06-24
[Reader's Opinion] Ready to Listen
The Sogang Herald held the 26th Readers?Evaluation Committee on October 8th. The panel, Lee Song-heun (07, Dept. of Mass Communication) and ...
By Choi Hyun-jung  2008-12-01
[Reader's Opinion] No Criticism, No Gain
The Sogang Herald held the 25th Readers' Evaluation Committee on June 20th. The panel, Lee Song-heun (07, Dept. of Mass Communication) and L...
By Kim Min-jeong  2008-10-22
[Reader's Columm] Yasukuni Shrine Issue: a Time to Heal
For the past nine years, I have gotten to listen to, learn and think of my new home which is Korea. In that time, I have learnt about kimchi...
By Daniel Lafontaine, a Korea  2008-10-22
[Reader's Opinion] Collecting Others' Thoughts
The Sogang Herald held the 24th Readers' Evaluation Committee meeting on April 28th. The panel, Lee Young-hyun (07, Dept of Economics) and P...
By Kim Da-hee  2008-10-22

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