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[Photo Journal] Gender Issues with AI Assistants
“Siri, you’re a bi*ch,” a person snaps at his smartphone. Siri, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistant created by Apple, appears on...
Song Ji-yu  2019-07-29
[Photo Journal] Gentrification: A Battle Without Winners
Gentrification: A Battle Without Winners Recently, retailers around Mangwon, an area becoming well-known for its uniqueand intimate restaura...
송택열  2017-10-19
[Photo Journal] Behind The Scenes
Over a thousand staff, volunteers, and performers have prepared for over two months to greet a new incoming flock of Albatross. This Photo J...
Lee Byung-ho  2016-03-27
[Photo Journal] Excuses for a Clean Campus
By Park Seon-joo (Reporter of The S.H.)
By Park Seon-joo  2008-12-18
[Through The Lens] Your Main Stage
By Lee Kun-hwie (Editor of The S.H.)
By Lee Kun-hwie  2008-12-18
[Memories] Together with Pure Generation
Arranged by Park Seon-joo (Reporter of The S.H.)
Arranged by Park Seon-joo  2008-12-18
[The Way I aM] Hope Report for Youth
By Park Seon-joo (Reporter of The S.H.)
By Park Seon-joo  2008-12-18
Arranged by Lee Kun-hwie (Editor of The S.H.)
Lee Kun-hwie  2008-10-24
[The Way I aM] Come to Me, ... I Will Give You Rest: Matthew 11:28
By Park Seon-joo (Reporter of The S.H.)
Park Seon-joo  2008-10-24
[Photo Journal] Quest for Rest
The RealityThe Office of Student Affairs rejected an interview about this problem. They said they have no time to consider it, being too bus...
By Park Seon-joo  2008-10-22
[Through The Lens] My Best Policy
By Lee Kun-hwie (Editor of The S.H.)
By Lee Kun-hwie  2008-10-22
[Memories] My Little Friend
By Gong Byung-cheol (Editor of The S.H.)
By Gong Byung-cheol  2008-10-22
[The Way I aM] Hope the Wind Brings You Back Again
"Life is..."
By Lee Kun-hwie  2008-10-22
In May, there was a conflict between the Students' Association and the school authorities. They had several meetings, and one of the topics ...
By Lee Kun-hwie  2008-10-22
[Through The Lens] An Hour Before Curfew at 11:00 P.M.
My friend, let's stay for another half hour and go home. It is not for another drink.Sincere conversation is possible only afer 11 p.m.You n...
Gong Byung-cheol  2008-10-16

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