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[Public Opinion] Not About Smoking but Smoking Areas
“I cannot understand why smoking areas are located in places with a large floating population.” There are lots of students showing their dis...
Chang Lee-jun  2018-07-18
[Public Opinion] Language and Group Polarization : How Sensitive Are You?
Language binds and blinds. Jargons are coined every day and used exclusively in particular social groups. The words are cues to tell whether...
최혜정  2018-01-17
[Survey] Job Policy for Whom?
Job Policy for Whom? The term “climbing up the social ladder” is most intuitively and directly associated with ‘education.’ Albeit not being...
김유정  2017-09-14
[Survey] A Little Room For a Turtle
ⓒNaver webtoon "About Death" Last July 1, 2015, the internet cartoon, referred to as webtoon, “About Death” ended after gaining popularity a...
Kim Sohee  2016-09-12
[Reporter’s Opinion] Little Stars Shedding Luster
I volunteered for NHCC(New Hope for Cambodian Children) in Cambodia, and my main job was caring for preschool children aged from 4 to 6. Tho...
Kim Min-soo  2016-04-01
[Reporter’s Opinion] Timeless Rapport via Media
The most unforgettable moment I have witnessed in Grammy history-though I have not watched many of the ceremonies-would be the collaborate p...
By Yoo Dong-yeon  2008-12-01
[Reporter’s Opinion] Internationalization Should be for Soganger's Sake
In the process of gathering information about Sogang University's Sogang 2010 Vision Project to write Cover Story, I found that promoting in...
By Wee Dae-yoon  2008-10-22
[Interview] No Music, No Life - Music Messenger Lee Hun-suk
"Music is like air. I cannot imagine the world without music. Music makes me feel comfortable and sets me free. I have various jobs related ...
By Kim Min-jeong  2008-10-22
[Reporter’s Opinion] Stop Crackdown, Start Cooperation
On May 11th, a great annual festival of migrants, called "2008 Migrants's Arirang" was held at Olympic Park. It was planned to encourage har...
Yoo Sun-kyung  2008-10-16
[Interview] More Real than Reality, A TV Drama Series Writer Lee Gi-won
"I know that immoral stories, containing incest or extremely violent content, can attract audiences, but I will not write that kind of story...
Kim Da-hee  2008-10-16
[Survey] To Believe or Not to Believe
The Standard Korean Language Dictionary defines religion as a cultural system of solving mortal suffering and pursuing the ultimate meaning ...
Yoo Sun-kyung  2008-10-16

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