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[Cover Story] For Whom Does the Board Stand
Nearing Sogang’s 15th presidential election, many students protested that the undue proportion of Jesuits in the board of directors grants t...
이하연  2017-04-08
[Cover Story] Unprofessional Professorship
Sogang’s March is full of the evergreen spirit of youth. Freshmen look this way and that and ask for directions to their first lectures as s...
성세영  2017-04-08
[Cover Story] Degradation of Sogang’s Democracy
Ever since the emergence of the Namyangju project crisis in 2016, the board of directors and the Jesuit foundation have been fiercely critic...
Cho Yu-jin  2017-04-08
[Cover Story] Recruiting; 50th Cub-reporters
Over two hundred and fifty giants have successfully endured our rigorous yet prestigious training and call themselves proud alumnus of this ...
서강헤럴드  2016-05-02
[Cover Story] A Tale of Four
They’ve gone through it all - or at least they’d like to think so. Senior Editor Lee Byung-ho (13, American Culture) meets with Heo Yoon-seo...
Lee Byung-ho  2016-03-27
[Cover Story] To Select My Own Horizons
Four Matriculations. Four Freshmen Orientations. Four Initiations. This is my third year in Sogang, and I have had the distinct (but somehow...
Lee Byung-ho  2016-03-27
[Cover Story] Open Your Mind to Look into Society
Editor’s Note:Throughout the history of Korea’s painful past, it was students, especially university students, who took on an important role...
Cover Team  2012-05-08
[Cover Story] Pressing for an Identity
The words "the third" bring an image of something new or developmental to people's minds. In his book The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler descri...
Cover  2008-12-01
[Cover Story] Three Years Down, One to Go
The Sogang Herald has diagnosed and evaluated President Sohn Byung-doo's last three-year term by interviewing him and surveying public opini...
Lee Kun-hwie, Wee Dae-yoon  2008-10-22
[Cover Story] Injecting Health Awareness into Sogang
People in their twenties are at their healthiest. The Sogang Herald investigated whether it is true, and Sogang University's health care sys...
Yoo Dong-yeon Reporter  2008-06-26

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