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[Social Focus] Inside the Video Game Industry's Most Loved Platform, Steam
Video gaming has been a staple of entertainment since its birth in the 1970s. It is increasing its size and output by the year. For example,...
Choi Min-Hyuck  2019-01-12
[Social Focus] The Jemeni: Korea's "Refugee Test"
A Yemeni waits for his refugee status to be reviewed in front of the Jeju Immigration Office. Meanwhile, 450 km. away, Seoulites rally aroun...
Choi Min-Hyuck  2018-07-15
[Social Focus] The Anthrax Accident: A Dangerous Delivery
The Anthrax Accident: A Dangerous Delivery On June 1, there was a protest by civic groups in front of Osan Air Base, which is under the cont...
안은수  2015-07-24
[Social Focus] Shadows that Veil the Reality
In the 7th book of The Republic, Plato, the Greek philosopher, tells a story about the allegory of the cave. He describes a dark underground...
By Cho Hyun-a  2008-12-01
[Social Focus] Foundation for the Future
Korea entered upon the 60th anniversary of her foundation on August 8th, 2008. A great many functions were held to commemorate this special ...
By Yoo Dong-yeon  2008-10-22
[Social Focus] The New Right for a New Light
Recently, one textbook about Korean modern history called Alternative Textbook has brought about a huge controversy in Korea. It is publishe...
Yoo Dong-yeon Reporter  2008-10-16

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